Hemp Oil To Treat Skin Cancer

Using hemp oil to cure skin cancer

Cannabis is the Latin name for hemp, a plant that enjoys special interest because of the psychological and physical effects. Ever since ancient times, hemp oil to cure skin cancer has been hiding in the midst all the while it has been a popular herbal remedy for calming, analgesic, antidepressant, sleep-inducing, nausea-suppressing, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and appetite-inducing properties.

One of the best known hempists of the time is probably Rick Simpson found on YouTube and on his website: phoenix tears with more than 5,000 cancer patients that he helped to heal. He successfully managed to cure himself of skin cancer with the help of hemp oil. To combat this disease, he applied his self made THC hemp oil onto his infected skin and used the sensational oil to rid of any cancerous internal cells and he also used hemp oil to cure melanoma effectively.

Hemp has been a well-known, natural remedy for hundreds of years for various diseases and helps, among other things, with skin cancer. The best-known cannabis products are marijuana (weed) and hashish. Marijuana contains the dried flower tops and leaves of the hemp plant. Hash is the pure resin. The most well-known active ingredient in hemp is the so-called THC, which causes the change of consciousness (intoxication).

But the most important drug for healing (without mind-altering effect) is the so-called CBD in hemp oil to treat skin cancer (Cannabidiol) the cannabinoids, which destroy the cancer cells and prevent the formation of metastases.

If you are still confused about the difference between hemp and marijuana, – the plants are similar, but are not the same. Fiber hemp and marijuana hemp are both from the same plant. Two sub-races are created through breeding. The main difference: fiber hemp contains almost no THC and it has got a leg high from bone. For who likes to talk it also legally grown.

Thee active ingredients of hemp oil for skin cancer

The active ingredients of cannabis are the so-called cannabinoids. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are the most important. THC is the psychoactive ingredient that makes users high or stoned. CBD mitigates the effects of THC, has an anti-psychotic effect and seems to protect against addiction. The relationship between THC and CBD determines the effects and side effects of cannabis.

No doctor’s prescription?

The most famous champion of THC oil is the Canadian activist Rick Simpson. Mr. Simpson developed a bad type of cancer on his skin. His medical practitioner wrote him off after a number of operations, so he decided to start research himself. He studied the beneficial effects of cannabis in cancer and made cannabis oil to treat skin cancer himself.

Has Research been done on cannabis oil & skin cancer?

Because of the presumed health effects, cannabinoids are very interesting for medical-scientific research. Hundreds of publications on cannabis can be found through science databases such as PubMed. International associations and societies such as the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines and the International Cannabinoid Research Society try to combine, interpret and share this information.

Using hemp oil to treat melonama

Medicinal cannabis: THC reduction while increased CBD

According to the Office for Medicinal Cannabis (the government organization responsible for the production of cannabis for medicinal purposes), there are sufficient scientific data that show that cannabis is effective at:

Pain in cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and chronic bowel inflammation,

Nausea, loss of appetite, slimming and weakening of cancer and AIDS,

Nausea and vomiting due to medication or radiation in cancer, HIV and AIDS,

Muscle cramps and muscle twitches in multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury,

Prolonged nerve pain, for example due to damage to a neural pathway, phantom pain, facial pain or chronic pain that persists after healing of shingles.

Hemp Oil To Cure Skin Cancer

This may give a slightly too rosy presentation of things. A comparative study in which 79 cannabis studies were critically tested shows that the scientific evidence is not always strong. The weight of evidence for improvement of nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy was even classified as weak.

As a result of this study, various health insurers have stopped reimbursing medicinal cannabis from the basic insurance. The National Health Care Institute sees no reason to reassess medical cannabis and points to major shortcomings in the weight of evidence of the studies.

Regulations and availability on hemp oil for skin cancer

Since September 2003 doctors are allowed to prescribe cannabis and pharmacists deliver it on prescription. This medicinal cannabis differs from the cannabis sold as a stimulant. Cannabis that the pharmacy provides is of pharmaceutical quality, meets the highest requirements, has a constant composition and is only intended as a medicine.

There are several variants, each with their own THC / CBD ratio. Since 2015, medical cannabis oil can also be obtained with a prescription. In contrast to the freely available cannabidiol oil (CBD oil melanoma), medicinal cannabis oil also contains THC.

Proven: cannabis cures cancer

In the 1970s, scientists took a close look at the anti-cancer effect of cannabis for the first time. Since then, hundreds of scientific articles have appeared on the subject. With some regularity there are indications that cannabis can kill, inhibit and prevent cancer cells from sowing. Cannabis also appears to exert influence on the immune system, although the results are contradictory in this respect. Some studies show a positive effect, others a negative.

Cannabis therefore has an effect on cancer cells, but that does not mean that cannabis cures cancer. Indeed, hardly any research has been done on patients. The claim that cannabis (oil) cures cancer is therefore highly possible to substantiate. The Netherlands Healthcare Institute also points to the limited weight of evidence of the available publications.

Laboratory studies on Cannabis oil for curing melanoma

hemp oil for skin cancer

Almost all cannabis research concerns studies in experimental animals or cell lines (artificially cultured cancer cells). Such laboratory results cannot simply be translated into humans. A living human body is many times more complex.

A substance that works well in a test tube can have a different or totally no effect in humans. For example because the intestines do not absorb it properly, the liver breaks it down or the kidney secretes it. It is therefore very well possible that the drug does not even reach the tumor or has to be administered in infeasible quantities to have any effect.

The fact that cannabis oil for melanoma kills cancer cells is an interesting observation, but not a breakthrough. Many substances have a destructive effect on cancer cells. Chlorine also kills cancer cells very effectively, but that does not mean that bleach is the answer to the cancer problem.

The key question is whether a substance can kick it into a safe and effective medicine. A lot of research steps have to be done for this. In this process, most candidates fall sooner or later. For example, because of unacceptable side effects or results that are not better than the current treatment methods.

Patient studies regarding hemp oil to cure melanoma

Despite some encouraging results from laboratory studies, there is now convincing evidence that hemp oil to cure skin cancer is true. This evidence come’s from studies with ‘real’ patients. For the time being, they can be counted on one hand.

In a Guzman study, the effect of THC was studied in patients with glioblastoma (an aggressive brain tumor). Unfortunately, little can be concluded from this study. Only 9 patients participated and they all died within a year. This fits with the disease stage in which they were. Moreover, there was no control group (glioblastoma patients who did not receive THC) so that comparison is not possible. The treatment with cannabis seemed safe and gave few side effects.

hemp oil to cure melanoma

Glioblastoma was also central in another study. The effect of nabiximols (a THC / CBD-containing mouth spray) in combination with temozolomide was studied in patients with returned glioblastoma. 21 patients participated, 12 of whom received the drug combination and 9 temozolomide with a placebo. The one-year survival was higher in the cannabis group than in the placebo group (83% compared to 53%). The study was made possible by the manufacturer of nabiximols.

Currently there is also a safety study on dexanabinol (a synthetic cannabis variant) in advanced forms of cancer. The goal is to determine the maximum safe dosage. Secondarily, the effect on the tumor is also examined. This research is also co-financed by the manufacturer of the product under investigation.

Although more and more laboratory studies show that cannabis oil for melanoma has an effect on cancer cells, many questions remain open. These will have to be answered before good research on patients is possible.

Open questions that are generally asked!?

Which cannabis component is the most suitable? THC, CBD, both, others?

Natural or synthetic variants?

In which composition / concentration?

cbd salve for skin cancer and does this slow down carcinoma?

What is the exact mechanism of action?

Which dosage is optimal? What are the side effects in that quantity?

Which cancers are eligible?

What is the best form of administration (tablet, mouth spray, drops, injection)? Cannabinoids are difficult to dissolve in water and do not penetrate deep into the tissue. This makes effective tumor control difficult.

What are the interactions with other cancer treatments (such as chemotherapy)? Are there any combinations that further improve the treatment result?

What is the added value compared to current treatments?

So much work is still needed before it is determined whether and how cannabis can be put into practice as a treatment. Until then, patient studies are difficult to set up. It may seem easy to give cannabis to patients who volunteer and not to compare another patient group and then the outcomes, but that approach is not very scientific.

In that case, several studies must be carried out for each type of cancer with different cannabis products in different dosage forms and doses. That is practically impracticable and far too expensive.

Success stories are anecdotal evidence on hemp oil for skin cancer

The internet is full of stories and videos about cancer patients who have used hemp oil to cure skin cancer against all odds. As much as the average individual would like to believe such individual success stories, they are uncontrollable and therefore not suitable as proof. From such stories it is impossible to determine whether there is indeed a cure and whether cannabis played any role at all. Usually medical data such as at the disease stage, previous treatments and prognosis are missing.

The same applies to names of doctors and treatment centers. Rehearsal is rarely possible. Also often wrong conclusions are drawn or incorrect connections are made. A cured cancer patient who uses cannabis is not the same as a cancer patient who has been cannabis cured. Moreover, the large group of cannabis users who do not cure their cancer is usually left out of consideration.

It is even possible that the person in question has (had) no cancer at all. Sometimes a story turns out to be completely made up. It indicates how unreliable the internet can be as a source. It is also remarkable that these miraculous cannabis healing events are never described in scientific journals. The source often concerns naturopathic websites that have little interest in regular medicine or websites that advocate legalization of soft drugs.

Good and thorough scientific research is and remains the only and best way to find out which treatments are safe and effective.

Cannabis strains and research thereof

Cannabis oil for Cancer hopes that future (patient) studies will definitively answer important questions regarding safety, dosage form and dosage, efficacy and target group. With convincing evidence, studies will not stand in the way of the development of cannabis into cancer medicine. All initiatives that contribute to our mission ‘less cancer, more healing and a better quality of life’ are eligible for support.

Let’s start at the beginning of how cannabis oil began

Rick Simpson and his story

The year is 2002 and Rick Simpson is being diagnosed with skin cancer. He has facial blemishes that worsen after each surgical procedure. The doctors had already written off his case … Rick did not give up and sought help in nature. As a hobby, he devoted himself to the plants for many years …

Once, as he himself says, when he saw the wounds in the mirror a study of Virginia University occurred to him. This claims that THC, an active substance in hemp, can cure cancer.

So he tried a hemp extract, which he had prepared some time ago – he applied a few drops directly to the wound. At first nothing happened…. Nevertheless, he repeated the application and pasted a plaster for a few days.

And it happened what he had not expected: “When I removed the plaster after four days, I could not believe my own eyes! The wounds were gone and the skin healed, regenerated. Immediately, I started telling people how to heal skin cancer with hemp oil. Everyone laughed at me, but until today, even after eleven and a half years, the cancer has not returned. ”

Today Rick Simpson is known as the biggest activist in the fight for the legalization of hemp. He is a technical engineer and self-taught doctor by profession. He cured himself of skin cancer with the help of cannabis oil. To combat this disease, he used the sensational hemp oil. With his help, more than 5,000 people have already won the fight against cancer.

The patient, 80 years, who gave the doctors 48 hours to live. Healed!

The last case of Simpson is a man whom the doctors gave two more days to live. He was dying of lung cancer. After chemotherapy, he had swelling, was breathing heavily and had open wounds on his legs…

After the doctors had given him two more days to live, his son brought him to Simpson. The recommendation to use hemp oil was discussed by the son and his doctor. The doctor refused this treatment. Nevertheless, they decided in the end to try the drug.

The patient’s son soaked a small biscuit with oil and gave it to his father. His condition improved after a few hours. This improvement explained to doctors that it is common knowledge before death that patients return to life for a short time.

But the son did not just want to wait for his father’s death and took him out of the hospital the next morning. He also discontinued the prescribed medications. Not only did the father not die after two days, but after 6 weeks of treatment with hemp oil he no longer needed insulin and after 3 months he miraculously healed.

Simpson states that treatment with hemp oil is equally effective in all cases and its application is not limited by age. You can even give it to young children.

hemp oil to cure melanoma

How cannabis oil specifically for skin cancer (melanoma) is produced

The recipe for producing hemp oil was published by Rick Simpson on the internet, which you can find on his page phoenix tears.

The preparation of the oil (hemp drops) is simple, according to Simpson, as well as the subsequent treatment. This begins with the application of a few drops 3 times a day. The commonly used amount given to patients with cancer is 60 grams of oil over the first 90 days.

He adds that it is never too late for the patient to start treatment.

And as far as smoking hemp is concerned, Simpson states that it is not as effective as the oil. But even so, people who regularly consume him live on average 6 years longer than the others.

Rick Simpson believes that every country in the world should allow its residents to legally grow and use hemp for medical purposes. He should also be available in pharmacies for those who cannot grow his own.

Today, little is known about the fact that hemp was the most commonly used remedy hundreds of years before our era. In ancient religious texts from Persia, hemp is referred to as the number one healing plant!

Simpson’s biggest dream and biggest goal is a world without cancer.

Can you make hemp oil yourself?

In the Netherlands, each individual house hold can grow a maximum of five plants and yes, that is possible in the garden. You have to have a lot of knowledge and that starts with buying the right seeds. So it is not easy! In addition, publishes post all sorts of judicial documents regarding the laws of crops and your own stash. In all other European countries, the legal for the cultivation and production of marijuana for medical doctrine ends up as a rule of law.

Hemp oil is a hype of the last 7 years!

Hemp has been around for ages and that it can use as medicine, our ancestors knew too. But in the meantime you will have a negative comment on a bigger audience. The Canadian engineer Rick Simpson was the judge; he made an extract of the resin from the cannabis plant in the time.

He did an experiment to treat his persistent headache and the beginning of his skin cancer days. It turned out to be working and that story went astray as a running fire. Soon it was buzzing because of the way he changed hemp oil and this would also help people with other disorders and so it was also then found in the Canada among people.

Hemp is widely used for a vast variety of purposes and this is true!

It is a multi functional raw material. From clothing, bird feed and paper to dashboards in cars, biofuels and house panels, you can do everything with it. It also makes juice and tea. Homes built from hemp have an economical energy label due to the breathable and insulating properties.

The effect of weak CBD hemp oil is not scientifically proven!

From practice, there are several success stories of people with, for example, epilepsy, cancer, rheumatism or depression. It has also been used for a long time as a means of malaria and fever, to combat nausea in cancer treatments, against nerve pain in HIV, for relaxation in MS and the favorable results in children with epilepsy. Although the supporting effect has been demonstrated, it has not yet been proven to be sold as a medicine. Internist / oncologist and clinical pharmacologist Jan Schellens of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital: “Science is reluctant. We think there are often better alternatives to ailments and it is expected to be a hype, similar to, for example, shark cartilage. ”

Dosages of CBD / hemp oil

Although it is not obvious, it is not so obvious. Schellens: “Although there is a high level of cannabidiol (CBD), there is a low dose of THC in various types.” Side effects when the dose is too high are mainly unrest, poor sleep, confusion (even psychosis) and high Blood pressure, palpitations, dizziness, red eyes and dry mouth. “Risks occur especially when the amount is too high and for people with a predisposition for side effects. Since users of hemp oil do not use the same amount, it is good to take this into account. Mind you, this is a very high dose, since CBD contains almost – and sometimes no – THC.

Cannabis oil for cancer recommends the following dosing recommendations:

In case of problems with the gastrointestinal tract as well as for mild pain and for a good night’s sleep, 3 drops of CBD oil (2 percent) should be taken morning and evening. The same dose is also suitable for harmonizing body function.

In case of stress, tension or anxiety, 3 drops of cannabidiol oil (2 percent) are taken three times a day.

In the case of lighter problems, however, 3 drops of cannabidiol oil (5 percent) are taken each morning and evening in the first week. After one week, the dose is increased to 5 drops.

If you want to treat a cancerous skin mole , you can use hemp oil to cure melanoma with several other problems or more serious problems at the same time by ingesting the product at the same time as externally applying the oil! The first week will be the same as for mild dosing problems. However, 5 drops of cannabidiol oil (5 percent) are taken three times daily after 2 weeks.

For chronic problems, chemotherapy or a large number of complaints, 4 drops of cannabidiol oil (10 percent) are taken in the morning and evening in the first week. In the second week, the dose should be increased to 5 drops and after 2 weeks the dose can be further increased.

Take a look at this hemp oil skin cancer video:

Hemp seed oil to cure skin cancer

Hemp seed oil for curing skin cancer contains all essential protein building blocks and it contains no cholesterol. Hemp is a vegetable protein source. A good meat alternative for vegetarians and vegans!

What are omega fatty acids?

There are two groups of fatty acids:

NON-essential fatty acids: These are the fatty acids that the body can make on the condition that all necessary essential fatty acids are present in the right proportion and quantity in the body.

Essential fatty acids: These are the fatty acids that must be supplied from outside. Our body can not therefore make it themselves.

What are the essential fatty acids?

Omega 3 fatty acid = ALA = Alpha linolenic acid

Omega 6 fatty acid = LA = linoleic acid

Essential indicates that the body cannot make these fatty acids. These are polyunsaturated fatty acids. If these two fatty acids are sufficiently present (ALA = alpha linolenic acid = Omega 3 and LA = linoleic acid = Omega 6), the body can decide for itself which fatty acid derivatives (derivatives) it will convert these two essential fatty acids into. They can be converted to GLA, DHLA, AA, EPA or DHA.

It is therefore vitally important to ensure that these two essential fatty acids are present in the right proportion, so that our bodies can always make the required derivatives if necessary. The intake of essential Omega 3 and 6 requires sufficient vitamin E and carotenes.

These are the most important antioxidants that keep the Omega 3 and 6 in top condition to do their job. More vitamin E in the blood means a reduced risk of free fatty acids from attacking fatty acids. It prevents fat in the blood becoming rancid (oxidising), causing blood to stick to the platelets. Cholesterol also sticks to platelets when it has become rancid by free radicals, because there are too few antioxidants in the blood.

Why take omega 3 and 6?

You may wonder why eating red meat, chicken, eggs and fish does not give us enough essential Omega 6 and why supplementation is necessary. The answer is simple: heat destroys Omega 3 (extremely heat-sensitive) and Omega 6 (highly heat-sensitive). Since most people do not eat their meat, fish and eggs raw, the chance is small that they get enough unprocessed, unheated essential Omega 6 through their diet. Since the body will always try to maintain, it will use this defective and damaged Omega 6. It always uses “The next best thing” when it cannot have “The best thing”. It will use the trans fats or EFA derivatives or even the Omega 9 (oleic acid). These substitutes cannot ensure a maximum supply of oxygen in the cells and therefore do nothing to protect those cells and tissues.

hemp seed oil to cure skin cancer

We have always been told that we get more than enough Omega 6 and too little Omega 3 from our food. We have already read that this reasoning is not entirely correct. Nevertheless, only Omega 3 is usually supplemented by means of fish oil or krill oil capsules. This can be valuable in some cases, but our body works best and remains the healthiest with the exact ratio of unprocessed essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 as they occur in our cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil to cure skin cancer.

The importance of good cell walls

Our body consists of billions of cells. The vitality of each cell depends to a great extent on the quality and protection that the cell walls (membranes) offer. This quality is partly determined by the sufficient presence of the essential fatty acids in the right proportion. Sufficient Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids keep the cell walls supple and permeable, allowing them to absorb nutrients and easily dispose of waste. Healthy cell membranes have well-functioning receptors (oxygen scavengers or oxygen magnets) that can transport the oxygen from the blood to the cells.

They attract oxygen, as it were, and can thus ensure that the cell does not degenerate. Cells that do not have enough oxygen will try to survive on carbohydrates. They therefore transform into degenerated cells and can then be the cause of serious diseases. The right ratio of fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 are therefore important for the cells and the oxygen content in those cells.

Hemp seed oil as a food source for the skin!

Omega 6 is indispensable for the skin. Hemp seed oil is therefore a very good source of nutrition for the skin. A high dose of Omega 3 (without Omega 6) often gives little or no result for the skin.

Nutritional Bio Hemp oil per 100ml (92gr)

Energy 828 Kcal / 3470KJ

Fats 90.4 g

  • – saturated: 8 g
  • – monounsaturated: 10 g
  • – polyunsaturated: 72.4 g

Linoleic acid (LA) 50.91 g

Alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) 16.73 g

Gamma linoleic acid 3.63 g

Vitamin E 66 mg (550% RDA *)

* ADH – recommended daily amount

How do you use organic hemp seed oil?

Daily 2 tablespoons of this unique oil gives everyone the benefits as described above. That is why Bio Hemp oil is your best choice as a daily nutritional supplement.

Hemp seed oil can be taken with a tablespoon or as an extra with your food. For example, you can mix it instead of olive oil with a cold pasta salad. It tastes like hazelnuts and walnuts. This soft taste combines perfectly with cheese and all types of lettuce. Make a delicious pesto, make up your own dressing or use it through your smoothy. You cannot use hemp seed oil – just like other cold-pressed oils – for baking, because then harmful trans fats are produced. However, you can also use Bio Hemp Oil on the skin externally.

Keep it in a dark cool place. The shelf life of an unopened bottle is one year.

Buying THC cannabis oil to cure skin cancer for many reasons

Canada is the largest industrial hemp growing country with the best quality hemp. The entire production process is organic and our Bio Hemp oil has a USDA and EU biological certificate. Only seeds that are not of genetically manipulated origin are used. The organic hemp seed oil therefore has the NON GMO certificate. Furthermore, not only the product but the entire production process is controlled. This resulted in the Bio Hemp oil also a GMP certificate. Finally, the oil has the FSSC: 22000 certificate, which means that the products used are safe.

Rick Simpson cannabis oil to cure skin cancer

Medical Cannabis & Treatment with topical cbd oil skin cancer

New research indicates that cannabis can help combat skin cancer and melanoma. That’s good news, because melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Every year more than 20,000 people in Germany alone are diagnosed with skin cancer. Unfortunately, the number continues to increase every year and there is no new medicine in sight that could stop this in the near future.

What makes skin cancer so dangerous is its ability to spread throughout the body. While the treatment is very effective in the early stages of cancer, it makes its ability to spread in lymph nodes and vital organs extremely deadly if left undetected.

Understanding skin cancer melanoma’s and how they work:

Understanding skin cancer melanoma

Melanoma is a type of cancer that attacks the melanocytes. These are the cells that produce the pigments that naturally color our skin, hair and eyes. Melanocytes also form moles that often form melanoma.

General types of melanoma & how hemp oil may cure this!!

Although birthmarks can be a risk factor for melanoma development, it is important to remember that most moles will not develop cancer.

There are 3 general types of melanoma:

Cutaneous melanoma (affects the skin)

Mucosal melanoma (for example, mucous membranes such as throat or nasal passage)

Eye melanoma (affects the eye). This eye cancer also referred to as cutaneous melanoma is one of the most common type of melanoma

Melanoma is most commonly caused by exposure to UV rays from the sun or from artificial sources such as sunbeds. UV radiation damages the melanocytes and, over time, this damage can lead to the growth of abnormal cells. These cells then connect to a tumor called melanoma.

These tumors will grow over time if left undiscovered and untreated. If that’s the case, melanoma can eventually spread to other parts of the body and in a case like this, Rick Simpson cannabis oil to cure skin cancer is going to sort out the problem once and for all.

Melanoma usually spreads first to the lymph nodes before they migrate to more distant parts of the body, including vital organs such as the brain. It is indeed believed that about 60% of patients with Stage IV melanoma will also develop brain tumors.

When melanoma spreads, they are extremely dangerous. The 5-year survival rate for patients with stage IV melanoma is usually between 15 and 20%. Meanwhile, the 5-year survival rate is over 90% in patients who detect their stage I tumor.

Because melanoma is most common on the skin, it is usually much easier to spot than other types of internal cancer. For example, the most common sign of a melanoma is an irregular liver spot, which can usually be detected early on a regular basis.

If detected early, melanoma can be treated relatively effectively with topical cbd oil skin cancer while other common treatments include surgery to remove a tumor, chemo / radiation therapy or the use of targeted anticancer drugs.

Hemp and Cannabis oil for Melanoma Treatment

Medical cannabis is often mentioned in the discussion of new cancer therapy. For a long time, however, cannabis was only considered as a method to combat side effects caused by cancer treatment.

These side effects often included pain, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite caused by chemotherapy, radiation, or other specific medication.

However, a growing body of research indicates that cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant may have a unique anti-cancer effect. For example, studies have shown that cannabis oil for melanoma treatment in particular the cannabinoids can kill cancer cells as well as prevent metastases.

Viral metastases & carcinogenic skin cancer

In 2003, researchers from the Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas, Madrid, Spain, repeated similar results as mentioned above.

Researchers showed that cannabis receptors are found in both normal and human skin and tumors. Based on the results of other studies showing that cannabis receptor agonists can reduce growth in some tumors, researchers have applied cannabis receptor agonists directly to skin tumors in mice.

The study found that activation of cannabis receptors induced the death of tumor cells and also slowed the growth of tumors.

In 2014, another study followed, investigating the effects of THC on chemically induced melanoma cells in mice. The study showed that THC successfully reduced the size of skin cancer tumors in mice, which strengthened the value of topical cannabis medicines, such as Rick Simpson oil.

Unfortunately, the amount of literature on medicinal cannabis and its effects on skin cancer is still limited.

However, a growing body of research is beginning to explore the relationship between cannabis and topical cbd oil skin cancer in general.

Studies have explored the effects of chemicals such as THC and CBD, as well as synthetic compounds that replicate these chemicals, in a variety of cancers, including those of the brain, lung, breast, and more.

Most of this research has produced similar results; activation of cannabis receptors not only kills tumor cells, but also starves tumors and stops metastases.

Future of cancer treatment

It is clear that there are a variety of different study results explaining the effects of topical cbd oil skin cancer and melanoma. Unfortunately, while these are impressive research results, they still are not enough to convince everyone in the medical community that cannabis can help cure cancer.

This is mainly due to the fact that previous research in this area does not meet the standard required for new medical treatments. Hopefully, ongoing legislative changes can change the way people think about cannabis and open the door to this kind of research in the future, so that we can finally make concrete conclusions about the effects of cannabinoids on cancer.

Medical hemp and cannabis oil for melanoma treatment is also legal in Chile, Argentina, Australia and many other countries of the world. To find out if the treatment of cancer with medical marijuana in your area is possible, contact your local health authority.

A small overview on what hemp & CBD oil can be used for:

  1. Alzheimer
  2. allergies
  3. asthma
  4. Nausea and nausea
  5. Inflammation and chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism, arthritis, etc.
  6. epilepsy
  7. obesity
  8. hepatitis
  9. cancer
  10. nerve diseases
  11. sepsis
  12. addiction

More on cannabis oil for skin cancer:

If you have skin cancer, the best would be to apply the best cbd for skin cancer with a 10% CBD oil to the affected areas over the course of the day and spend 3 hours in the sun, the sun heals skin cancer and does not cause it. I would do that until I am cured. What causes skin cancer are sunscreen and its preservatives.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, CBD can cause dry mouth and reduce appetite (when taken orally). But CBD is not addictive and you cannot overdose with it.

If you’re worried about CBD oil (like Amazon.com) please check that it’s organic, because there’s also synthetically made CBD, but I would not recommend that.

As always beliefs’ me in the end just to say that I should do everything you do with your doctor or alternative practitioner.

Hemp oil works against a wide variety of horrible diseases

Miraculous properties of cannabis, weed, hemp or whatever name you want to name it. And especially the influence of hemp oil on severe diseases, such as healing skin cancer with hemp oil. Where cancer patients have long benefited from the smoking of weed, as the fight against severe pain due to cancer and also the effects of controversial chemotherapy, it appears increasingly more and more messages appear, from people who use hemp oil as cancer in their body . Below is another such story, the story of Corrie Yelland, who cured cancer, after she started taking hemp oil.

Rolling stoned It is of course very special that on this plant, which has not only medicinal effects, but a few hundred (!!) other, very natural properties, a kind of curse rest of, let’s say ‘official bodies’ .. What is the reason for this? What is behind this for a very morbid motivation, to the properties of hemp, not FULLY in the public domain to release, by calling hemp as a social cancer to call and fight .. ?? You can say it again, we like to show you the facts

Anyone who is still not convinced of the medicinal power of cannabis should now mainly read. The incredible story of Corrie Yelland tells how cannabis oil healed her cancer and certainly does not stand alone! Interview. Before cancer was diagnosed in Corrie Yelland, she worked remarkably more than ten years as a supervisor of terminal cancer patients and their families. She felt quite burned out, and had just started her own cleaning company when her life in May of 2007 was drastically turned upside down.

best cbd for skin cancer

This is the story and interview of Corrie Yelland, as posted on the website of ‘Rolling Stoned‘ …

See all the questions in a ORANGE color..!

—————- CANCER ————->

What is hemp oil good for?

From my experience, the oil is effective in the treatment of all forms of skin cancer, the best cbd for skin cancer applies to internal cancer and other medical conditions.

Which forms of cancer is this best for? Are you aware of types that will not help this?

Hemp oil seems to work on all types of cancer and I am not aware of any kind of cancer that it would not be effective for. If you are looking to heal skin cancer with hemp oil, I have heard about a study that claims that THC can cure this type of cancer within 30 days; I can only say that this study should be published on an international scale. Simply put, cancer is simply mutating cells, THC kills mutant cells. So how can THC produce the cells that it is so good at killing? If you are looking for treatments that can cause cancer, look no further than chemotherapy and radiation; both so-called “treatments” are very carcinogenic. In other words, they can and cause cancer. Even a CT scan exposes the body a large dose of radiation. Radiation causes cells to mutate, and that is what cancer is … mutate cells.

When people come to me with cancer of course I recommend the oil, but along with hemp oil I also suggest that they change their diet. Protein from fruits and vegetables to fight cancer. Animal protein promotes cancer. So it is best to stay away from animal proteins.

I also suggest mega-doses of vitamins, especially vitamin C; this is known as Gerson therapy, and I am a total belief in it. In addition, there are many other natural things that a person can do to fight cancer. Bringing the body of the Ph with lemon juice and baking soda and water is very beneficial (two to three times a day, there is no fixed dose, just mix it as strong as the patient can drink). I have also heard good reports about wheat grass effectively for cancer. I am also convinced that B17 can be very beneficial for cancer patients. Every day I eat the seeds of two apples.

Like apricots, apple seeds contain B17, also known as laetrile. B17 in its own right has a good track record with cancer. Many people I receive the oil do not change their diet or anything else, but still cured with the oil. From my point of view, someone with cancer would do everything they possibly can to optimize their chances of survival. So yes, definitely do try and acquire and ingest or take hemp oil for your cancer, but do not ignore other natural beneficial treatments.

What is the success rate for cancer patients?

Cancer can be reversed in about 75% of people who are severely damaged by the medical system; if they are willing to take the treatment well. However, there is about 1 in 4 who are already so badly damaged that no matter what you do you cannot save them. Even if you can cure the cancer, at the end of the damage due to the chemo and radiation will kill them. These people are not dying from cancer; they die from the medical system by the so-called “medical treatments”.

How many people do you cure yourself with the oil? Have you ever failed to heal someone (because it did not work for him / her)?

I have been using the oil to more than 2,500 people in the past seven years. Due to the illegal status of hemp oil I do not keep up, but it is safe to say I have healed hundreds of people with external and internal cancers, plus seen a host of other conditions.

When people come to me with a diagnosis of cancer and have refused to take chemotherapy or radiation it is almost a given that they can be cured unless they wait until they die to take the treatment. We had a gentleman about four years ago, who was in hospital and had 24 hours to live. The doctors refused to give him the oil, so his son did. The next day this man got fired from the hospital, went home and stayed on the oil.

Approximately fourteen months later, this 83-year-old veteran died, but not from lung cancer; He died of a pre-existing heart condition that he had for years. During the fourteen extra months that he lived, he enjoyed a good quality of life and died in his sleep with no pain. Is not that better than dying in a hospital, drowning in your own fluid from lung cancer? I tell everyone that is going to me one thing … the oil will either save your life or it will ease your way out. If you die, you will die with dignity and not full of such drugs as morphine.

Are some people more difficult to cure than others?

People who are the hardest to cure are those who have become seriously damaged by the medical system. These forms of treatment are known as chemotherapy and then we also have radiation and these are both carcinogenic by nature treatments, in other words they actually cause cancer rather than cure it!! Chemotherapy and radiation can reduce the size of a tumor, but ultimately all such treatments usually slow down the cancer and then subsequently the spread cancer further.

Which forms of cancer is hemp oil good for?

From my experience the oil seems to work on all types of cancer, but I have had a few people who received the treatment and then refused to take it. They returned the treatment and I saw that their money was returned. I cannot explain other than those people saying that it seems like these people are not willing to break with the medical system. There are only four or five who have done this and, as far as I know, died at the end of these people.

How many people have actually totally rid them selves of skin cancer using the RSO cannabis oil?

He said : I have given this high quality cannabis oil to a thousand people with skin cancer. Usually within three weeks the cancer has disappeared. I tell people to treat their skin cancer with the oil until there is nothing but pink skin and then continue the treatment for two weeks just like the cancer is still there. I suggest that they do this in case there were cancer cells that did not kill the original treatment. No one ever reported back to me that their skin cancer returned if they did what I suggested.

Can you compare this treatment to standard procedures?

There is no comparison between the treatment of cannabis oil to cure skin cancer and what the medical system does. Sometimes their surgery is successful and they all get the cancer cells … but in far too many cases people are cut back and forth and cut into cubes. Medical system also uses other treatments for skin cancer such as liquid nitrogen.

This treatment is painful and in many cases the cancer keeps coming back and get much worse. When hemp oil is used for the treatment of skin cancer alone kills the mutating cancer cells and does not damage healthy cells.

Want to describe how THC affects cancer. Healthy cells?

When hemp oil is taken as a cancer drug, the THC in the oil causes an accumulation of a thick molecule called ceramide. When ceramide comes into contact with cancer cells, programmed cell death of cancer cells causes no harm to healthy cells. This is the way in which it is explained in the scientific research that we have studied. With the help of my old days school friend, I have developed a theory.

A few months ago, my friend from school sent me numerous reports surrounding information on the pineal gland and melatonin. The meaning of the information she had on me was unmistakable. So between Betty (my friend) and I, we started connecting the dots. And this is what we closed.

Fluoride and a large part of the chemical doctors plus others we come into contact often harm the ability of the pineal melatonin. Melatonin is the largest known antioxidant human and it goes to every cell in the body. The pineal gland and melatonin produces plays a very dramatic role in maintaining good health and indeed has a lot to do with the aging process.

With the function of the pineal gland affected, the ability to melatonin is greatly reduced. It has been found that cancer patients reduced melatonin levels. It is also scientifically proven that just smoking hemp melatonin levels can increase a great deal. Now think about what the eating of the raw unburnt oil would do melatonin levels.

From what I understand, the oil causes the pineal gland to overdrive and then melatonin levels to go to go through the roof. And this at least in part is what we think ensures that the wonderful effect this medicine has on so many conditions. If the pineal gland is producing large amounts of melatonin, it does not damage the body. In such a situation, the illness of disease that has been plaguing the patient under control and often completely cured. When you work with the right hemp medicines produced, you quickly realize the word ‘incurable’ means very little.

———- DIABETES ———->

Diabetics who have just been diagnosed are usually easily cured. People who have had diabetes for a long time and have the effect of the disease suffered for it will take longer years. Even in severely damaged people, if the oil is usually taken within six weeks that they do not need more insulin. The damage that this disease can cause in our body takes considerably longer to heal. The oil seems to be the ability to rejuvenate the pancreas fairly quickly, so it can function again.

I always tell people to try out the chemical medicines they use for other disorders, since such chemicals can impede effectiveness of the oil treatment. We found that the oil is effective on all forms of diabetes and if the oil is used externally it will cure diabetic ulcers in a very short time. For example, I have seen patients who inject insulin for thirty years within six weeks they no longer need insulin.

Diabetes at an early stage seems to be very easy to cure. Even people who have been on insulin injections have been responding well to the hemp oil treatment for years. It is not unusual that these people do not need more insulin after a few weeks on the oil. Our experience hemp oil has the ability to rejuvenate the pancreas and therefore no longer need a patient for insulin to insulin.

After taking the oil treatment many diabetics who have been on diets have been worn for years as a child in a candy store. Suddenly they can eat anything that a diabetic could not. As time goes on, hemp oil can damage damage done to the bodies of people with diabetes, such as poor circulation, etc, as time goes on. The oil will cure diabetic ulcers and our experience hemp oil works for all forms of diabetes.

————– INFECTIONS ————->

It goes without saying, if the oil can cure diabetic ulcers than most infections on the entire small problem.

————– Inflammation, arthritis ————->

Arthritis is an inflammation associated with swelling and pain. Relieving the inflammation is one of the oldest medicinal uses hemp’s. Many strains of hemp oil produce which are very effective for the treatment of arthritis. In contrast to synthetic THC the oil also contains other compounds such as CBN, CBG and CBD, in which the oil gives better properties to fight inflammation than synthetic THC alone.

———— CHRONIC PAIN ————->

If you have the right strains to make the oil out, there is nothing better for chronic pain relief than hemp oil. The medical system gives chronic pain suffering dangerous, addictive, and harmful medication to control their pain. In essence, all these medications do masking the pain, without healing effect.

If you take hemp oil for chronic pain not only reduces the pain, it actually goes to work trying to cure the cause of your suffering. For anyone suffering from chronic pain, hemp oil is by far the best treatment because it is not addictive and does not damage the rest of your body.

I have seen hemp oil relieve the pain of bone cancer that morphine did not affect. I have received hemp oil many people with chronic pain and some results are amazing. It is not unusual to receive reports from people within a few days telling me that they are no longer in pain.

Hemp oil has the ability to eliminate pain, but it also works healing the problem that causes the pain. Pharmaceuticals do nothing to cure the underlying cause of pain, they simply mask the pain. Realistically, there is no comparison between hemp oil and pharmaceutical products; Most pain medications supplied by our medical system are dangerous, addictive, and deadly, while hemp oil does not deliver addiction or danger to the patient.

————– BURNS ———->

I know from my own experience that there is no better treatment for severe burns than hemp oil. When oil is applied to a burn within a few minutes, it takes away the pain and greatly speeds up the healing process. I have completely healed severe third-degree burns in eleven days without scarring. As hospitals hemp oil in their burn centers, human suffering could be greatly reduced. Hemp oil is a natural anesthetic and a natural antibiotic, so there is no sensible reason why it is not used by the medical system in the burn centers.

————- Ulcers, warts, moles ————>

Ulcers in the body can be cured by ingesting the oil. Unhealthy ulcers, warts and moles on the body can be removed by simply applying oil and those with a bandage. The oil goes after unhealthy or mutated cells and destroys them effortlessly in most cases.

———– ASTMA ———->

Even the smoking of weed is beneficial for many asthma patients, but taking the oil or evaporating is much more effective and medicinal way for the treatment of asthma.

————— Fear, PARANOIA —————>

I think that anxiety and paranoia with the use of this drug can be greatly reduced if the system would simply stop arresting people for its use. At the beginning of the treatment with the oil, I tell people, “If the oil is making you sleepy, do not fight it.” Many users of the oil actually get feelings of being anxious and worried while they try to overcome the feelings of relaxation when using the hash oil. Many strains of hemp have a very low ability to cause anxiety, but some strains do. In that case, I advise people to make the medicine from a strain that causes fewer problems.

If this drug were legal, it would take away much of the anxiety associated with its use. Also, some tribes can produce more anxiety than others, so if you suffer from anxiety simply switching strains can eliminate the problem.

———– DEPRESSION ————>

I have found both Sativa and Indica effective in the treatment of depression. I rarely use Sativa strains for the treatment of people due to their reinforcing effects. Most people who come to me have a serious illness and I do not want them to be energized during the healing process. I sleep and rest that provides a good indica the most beneficial for most medical conditions.

———– SLEEPINESS ———>

As for insomnia, there is nothing better than the right way to make oil from a good Indica to give a person the sleep they need.

The effects of my head injury left me with what can best be described as a loud high pitched tuning fork in my head. This very high sound made it impossible for me to sleep. The medical system gave me a lot of medication for this condition, but nothing worked, and often I left with terrible side effects that worsened my condition.

I found that just smoking hemp allowed me to get more rest than one of the pills the system gave me. When I started taking hemp oil I got even more relief and it is not uncommon for me to get 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep. For years before the oil I would get up more tired than when I had gone to bed. Now suddenly after taking the oil I wake up in the morning well rested and refreshed. There is nothing better than hemp oil to give a person a good night’s sleep.

————– VITAL ORGANS ————>

A large number of people who have taken the oil have reported improvements in the functioning of many vital organs. Our experience shows that hemp oil can rejuvenate many organs in our bodies. We have seen kidney, lung, liver, pancreas functions etc, greatly improve; indeed, we have also seen improvements in brain function in Alzheimer’s patients, etc.

———— BODY WEIGHT regulation, detoxification ———>

Hemp oil is a big detoxifier and it is not unusual for overweight people to lose too many pounds during their treatment. If you are looking to buy hemp oil in Greece, it is almost as if the oil knows what to weigh. In my own case, the oil took about 30 pounds away from me, but I’ve seen a lot of people lose a lot more. If you are taking hemp oil it is not fun to be on a diet; you can eat as much as you like.

The oil seems to curb the appetite of an overweight person and I do not know a better or safer way to lose weight. In many cases, the oil can increase the appetite of a person who needs to stimulate weight gain. It is just like I said, the oil wants to bring your body back to a healthy weight, no matter if you are underweight or overweight.

Do you seriously mean that it can take excess weight without exercising?

Hemp oil can take the weight off without exercising and I am living proof. If I take my shirt off I look like someone who has worked a great deal. When I was younger I have a lot of swimming, now since losing the weight you can see all my abdominals again. I do not even have love handles, but a band of muscle on each side and I do not have any exercises to do.

———– LEUKEMIA ———–>

If you treat leukemia with hemp oil it often delivers very dramatic results quickly. Leukemia, from my experience with hemp oil, is one of the simplest internal cancers to cure. The THC goes stright into body and then directly into the bloodstream. If the cancer is in the bloodstream, it cannot last for long.

————— PSORIASIS ————–>

In my opinion ,the ultimate best treatment for psoriasis would be cannabis oil. Psoriasis comes from within the body and can be corrected by taking the oil. I give oil for psoriasis patients, I also often supply cannabis tincture to treat their psoriasis externally. I have many people get good results, who have only used the oil or tincture locally for their psoriasis. For some people with less severe psoriasis, only a few applications of hemp oil locally can cure them, and often the psoriasis does not return.

—————- AIDS ————–>

In a video on YouTube, a man describes his positive experience with alleviating the symptoms of AIDS. Can you tell us more about that?

Shawn who suffers the video on YouTube from AIDS for a period of twenty years. Shawn began taking the oil for his AIDS after listening to me speaking about Jack Herer’s internet show. Within a month Shawn reduced his intake of pharmaceutical drugs 30-6 pills a day to ten pills a day. Currently, Shawn is only taking the oil and he is turned off all the pills. Shawn now carries a zero viral load and if this continues, the system will have to declare that its AIDS has been cured.

——- Multiple sclerosis (MS) ——–>

What are your experiences with curing multiple sclerosis? The people here already know that hemp can help but do not know how to use it…

Recently we reported a lady suffering from MS, who managed to buy hemp oil in Greece and ingested two ounces of high-quality hemp oil a year ago every day for her condition, the effect of the received oil treatment was very successful, and although she has not ingested oil in the past year.. She still remains in good health.

From my experience Multiple Sclerosis is cured, but for people who have suffered for years with this condition it will take time to undo the damage caused by this disease. Many MS patients smoke hemp for relief, but it will not cure them. The only way to cure MS and the damage caused by this disease is to take the oil regularly until it has hardened.


In your experience, has a person tried hemp oil for autism or other mental illnesses?

No, I’ve never had anyone with autism try the product, however I am positive hashish oil would be extremely effective in treating this condition. The standard treatment for ADHD involves chemical drugs such as Ritalin. Now, what would you like to see your child take, chemicals that have unknown effects on the child for years to come … or hemp, which is natural and cannot hurt?

I have also supplied oil to people suffering from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and with good results. In many of these cases the chemicals provided by the system are more harm than good and often with the use of such drugs people become suicidal. In short, I would have to say that the right way hemp oil made from strains is very beneficial for many mental disorders.

—– Glaucoma, VISION ——->

Glaucoma and its effects can be brought under control quite easily in most cases as many hemp strains are drastically reducing its eye pressure. It is not uncommon for a person suffering from glaucoma who use hemp oil to see a significant improvement in their vision. Many people have changed their glasses because their old glasses are too strong now.


Do you have favorable reports about hemp oil and heart disease?

Certainly, it can only be said that the heart is a vital organ and from our experience hemp oil can rejuvenate vital organs. Although I never tell people to stop taking their heart medications, many have no ill effects. I feel that hemp oil on heart disease requires more research, but from what we have seen hemp oil seems to be very beneficial to the heart.

Can it regulate blood pressure?

Hemp oil can regulate blood pressure, yes I use it myself to regulate my own blood pressure. At the beginning of treatment with hemp oil I tell people to keep a close eye on their blood pressure. Many people who were using medicines to control their blood pressure no longer require them to start using hemp oil.

Since hemp oil lowers someone’s blood pressure, their pharmaceutical blood pressure medication completely finds that the combination of both drives their blood pressure down too low. It is a good idea to prevent this and the use of portable blood pressure testers available today this can easily be achieved.

Can help with other internal organs diseases?

From what I’ve seen with the use of hemp oil, many internal organs diseases or disorders can be controlled or cured with the use of this oil. With an internal organ being rejuvenated and healed it can resume her duties in our body again.

What is best THC strained oil for skin cancer?

THC oil is oil with a high THC content. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is obtained by heating THCa (tetrahydrocannbinol acid). This THCa occurs naturally in the Cannabis Sativa plant. In the vernacular, this plant is also called Cannabis or Marijuana

THC is one of the most medicinal cannabinoids, these are the active substances in the cannabis plant. By heating THCa this substance is obtained.

At higher doses THC oil has a strong psychoactive effect and recreational use comes into play.

Operation and use THC oil

For years there has been a lot of research into the beneficial effects of cannabis and in particular THC. Yet it is often still an illegal product. However, more and more countries are relaxing their laws to allow medical marijuana, often on doctor’s prescription.

Medical marijuana, also known as cbd oil for basal cell carcinoma, is often prescribed to terminal cancer patients, children with severe epileptic seizures and people with chronic pains.

Can I order THC oil online?

Can I order THC oil for skin cancer online?

In short: no, this is not possible. However on our website right here where you may be reading this article and on our webshop the answer would be YES!!!!! If you would like to order hemp oil for skin cancer online you can simply email us and make a purchase. Generally though we want to emphasize that buying THC from the internet is not legal.

Because of the properties of cannabis oil, it unfortunately falls under the Opium Act. This is however not the case with CBD oil, as cbd oil contains no illegal compounds and is therefore legally available and does not contain THC. Because there is a lot of demand for THC oil, we would like to inform you about what THC oil is and where it is legally available.

THC oil – where is it available?

THC oil is only available on doctor’s prescription at certain Pharmacy’s in the states and Europe. Since May 2015, they have been preparing magistral cannabis oil from the medicinal cannabis plants. At the Transvaal pharmacy you can order brands such as Bediol, Bedica, Bedrocan and Bedrolite. These all have their own specific composition and effect.

These THC oils are of pharmaceutical quality and meet the highest demands and can be acquired if you would like to order hemp oil for skin cancer online. This cannabis oil is only intended for use as a medicine and is therefore only issued on prescription.

Rick Simpson oil to cure skin cancer

Simpson developed an oily substance rich in THC from marijuana and began to treat his affected skin with this oil. With the help of this medietal oil, often called Rick Simpson oil (RSO), he says he is cured of his skin cancer.

Simpson shares his recipe for making cannabis oil on his website phoenixtears.ca. Note: you can buy cannabis oil through our website – Cannabis oil for Cancer , as well as find information on how you can make this powerful cannabis oil yourself.

Wernard Bruining also wrote a book about the beneficial effects of cannabis: Healing Hemp. This makes the cannabis oil to cure skin cancer easier to produce and while sent in syringes its therefore better dosable. Moreover, the psychoactive effect is a lot less strong. This THC oil is therefore more pleasant for many people.

A simple method for making THC oil yourself

As indicated, buying THC oil is not allowed, but THC oil itself does. The Cannabis oil for Cancer Foundation developed the Cannolator Cannabis Extractor for this purpose. This is a handy device with which you can make your own cannabis oil yourself.

You can determine the strength and composition yourself, based on the ingredients you have chosen. By collecting your own cannabis in a hydro set up or growing it in the garden yourself, you know exactly what is in your cannabis oil.

Difference in CBD oil properties and THC oil properties for skin cancer?

CBD oil and THC oil are strongly related to each other, but are still very different in operation.

CBD oil melanoma is rich in the cannabinoid cannabidiol. Industrial fiber hemp contains a lot of CBD and almost no THC. This is why most of the CBD products are made. In cannabis, most of which is made from THC oil, the composition is the other way around.

Properties of CBD oil for skin cancer

CBD does not have psychoactive properties such as THC, but it does affect various processes in the human body.

CBD is known to weaken or eliminate the psychoactive effects of THC, but reinforces the beneficial properties of THC. In some cases, therefore, CBD oil curing skin cancer is used together with THC oil.

Buy CBD oil for skin cancer

Buying CBD oil for skin cancer is completely legal. Various brands and strengths of CBD oil are available. The CBD products from Cannabis oil for Cancer are all sourced from high-quality plants and are 100% pure and contain no chemical additives. View our range of oil’s and other CBD products on our home page.

Cannabis oil for Cancer does not want to incite to violate the law. The making and use of cannabis oil / THC oil / cannabis oil is completely at your own responsibility. We are not liable for any damage that occurs before, during or after making weed oil. We also want to point out to everyone that trading in these oils is not permitted.

Where can I buy cannabis oil for skin cancer

Can you buy THC oil?

Would you like to buy THC oil, or would you like to make it yourself? Read in this article everything about THC oil, also called cannabis oil, cannabis oil, hemp oil or Rick Simpson oil (RSO), and where this is available.

Where can I legally buy cannabis oil for skin cancer?

Where can I legally buy hemp oil for skin cancer is a very versatile product that can be used for various purposes. However, hemp oil cannot be used to buy hemp oil as a stimulant, as there are no substances that influence the human brain, such as smoking cannabis. Far away in the past it was already known that hemp can be used for various purposes, so it was used in medicine for centuries. In fact, hemp has ended up a bit in the under ground world over the years, as the cultivation of hemp was banned. This prohibition came about because certain types of hemp were used as a stimulant.

This is very unfortunate as hemp is a wonderful product. Fortunately, nowadays more and more people see what the possibilities are of hemp, this shows that more and more hemp products are coming onto the market. For example, hemp is increasingly used as building material, textiles and even health products.

Because hemp is a fast-growing with so many people asking where can I buy cannabis oil for skin cancer as this plant has become a extremely versatile product, there are more and more farmers who grow hemp. There are also more and more fields in the Netherlands that are full of hemp. Earlier this was mainly done in France, but by changing the climate it is also possible for the Dutch farmers to grow hemp.

where can I buy cannabis oil for skin cancer

Hemp oil as a medicine

In China hemp was cultivated in the past because of the healing power of hemp oil. For example, they used the hemp oil obtained from the hemp seeds to combat diseases such as rheumatism and malaria. In addition to these two diseases, hemp was used against numerous diseases and ailments. Hemp oil is so healthy because it contains essential fatty acids in the right proportion, in addition, these acids cannot be produced by the human body.

Fatty acids in hemp oil:

Palmitic acid: 9.0%

Stearic acid: 1.0%

Oleic acid: 14%

Linoleic acid: 58%

Alpha-linolenic acid: 18%

Nowadays, if one is looking and asking where can I buy hemp oil skin for cancer , this would be the best way to go as for a cure and it can be used solely for its healing effects. For example, it can be used in diseases such as neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, constituent eczema, oily skin with acne, inflammation, irritated skin, rough and flaky skin.

The use of hemp oil to cure skin cancer

If you want to use THC hemp oil to cure skin cancer and for its healing effect, it is sufficient to consume two teaspoons of oil daily. The hemp seed oil amount of two teaspoons of hemp oil can be made by, for example, fruit juice, but you can of course also add it as a salad dressing. Hemp oil can also be used externally by applying it to the skin.

Is hemp oil used solely against cancer?

Academic research has shown that hemp oil can help against cancer. The researchers, however, are in the dark about how the anticancer operation works exactly. There are books on the market where you can read how the essential fatty acids can cause healing in mild forms of cancer. For example, Brain Peskin describes in the book ‘The concealed story of cancer’ that hemp oil can even be used against strong forms of cancer.

Cannabis oil helps many cancer patients on their way to healing!

Painful stories about people who almost die due to radiation or chemotherapy, adults who puke their hearts through the toxins in the chemo and are afraid of the future because of the deviations that the treatment entails and might not be able to overcome of the disease.

Children who on the inside of their bodies are so affected by the acid of the chemo that they can no longer eat, drink, urinate or defecate and the god lie all day long before death on the couch, or half dead and be patched up again! It should be suggested that children use hash oil instead if you are reading this and asking yourself where can I buy hemp oil to cure skin cancer.

How is it possible that we have so much trust in regular treatments while it has been scientifically proven that only 9% of regular treatments are used?

Why do we think we have so much luck that we belong to that 9%.

How can it be that we blindly rely on treatments that kill more people than people cure?

We see all the horrors around us…

Are we blind or do we think we have no other choice?

No, we have learned to rely on the doctor’s vision.

The doctor knows which treatment is good for us.

The doctors / oncologists have also learned that they can do it correctly.

They have learned about how the human body works and what the right treatment is for.

We assume that people know everything about cancer and regular treatments. A good Oncologist knows that too. Only the annoying thing is that cancer cannot be covered by regular treatments.

What is the reason why a person gets skin cancer!?

Maybe there is too much poison in the body, because of bad substances in our food or environment and we have excessive toxin amounts.

Maybe the cancer is in our genes due to family predisposition, or maybe our cells do not get enough oxygen to make healthy cells, or we have an excess of Candida (a fungus found in every tumor).

It is also possible that we get too little in certain vitamins or minerals so we could get cancer.

It seems that stress and emotions can be done with this, or maybe just bump it through a weakened immune system and perhaps because we become much older than before.

The annoying thing is that there are many reasons for cancer, but if you do not know the reason or cause, how can you choose the right treatment?

In the regular treatment they only try to remove the visible {tumors} symptoms.

Perhaps these visible phenomena, the cancer is a last desperate attempt to warn the owner of that body that something is seriously wrong and that change must occur.

Perhaps the above things should be changed, or one of them.

The human endocannabinoid system (ECS) is no longer optimally effective due to the many toxins in the human body.

The ECS has to do with the immune system and activates multiple physiological processes in the human body.

If the immune system is weakened, it can no longer clear up cancer cells.

Here the ECS has a direct effect on hemp oil to treat skin cancer.

The cannabis plant is the only plant in the world with a precisely similar substance / system as the human ECS: the cannabinoids.

Of the 421 substances in the cannabis plant, there are more than sixty cannabinoids and many different cannabinoid compounds are being researched.

These are:

– THC, this exerts a broad spectrum of biological effects by imitating the body’s own natural ECS.

– CBD, this substance gives a calming effect, is anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving.

In addition, it helps against diabetes, bacterial infections and malignant tumors. It also has fear-reducing effects and is a nerve protector.

– THCV, this substance gives very good results in Diabetes 2 and also has a preventive effect against tumors.

– CBC, is a low-level cannabinoid. Researchers assume that CBC can have an antidepressant effect, is anti-inflammatory and strongly inhibits the growth of tumors in leukemia and cancer.

Scientific research shows that multiple mechanisms of action have been identified in the cannabis plant, divided into several categories.

The antiproliferative effects.

These stop multiplying a cancer cell.

– Anti-blood vessel formation.

These cannabinoids stop the production of new blood vessels to the tumor, causing the tumor to get too little nutrition and stop growing.

– Anti-metastatic effects.

This means that cannabinoids block the ability to spread cancer cells to other tissues.

– The Apoptotic effect.

Cannabinoids accelerate the cell death of abnormal cells without affecting healthy cells. The cannabinoids also protect the healthy cell. According to some researchers, the cannabis itself searches for the cancer cells and kills them.

Much research has been done on cannabis, in particular by Dr. Mcallister, Dr. Hergenrather, Dr. Melanmede, Dr. Guzman, Dr. Abrams, Dr. Bearman and many others. These people all came with positive reports about treatment with medicinal cannabis in many different forms of cancer and you can buy hemp oil in Scotland for this purpose.

Also in PUBMED the largest medical library in the world in the world, many positive research results can be found about cannabis in the treatment of cancer. Also the many testimonies on the internet of people who are cured with the help of the cannabis plant do not lie!

Why do doctors / oncologists use these treatments?

Simple, because they have not learned that. They know everything about the regular treatment but have no knowledge of everything else that goes on around it. In addition, the large pharmaceutical companies cannot earn much from a natural cancer treatment that is not patentable, so it is not attractive for them to research natural resources that they can earn little money from.

Why do we believe that the pharmaceutical companies make better treatments than those that speak to a number of investigating professors who have done research at universities, about a plant that they believe and

History can cure many diseases?

Why do we prefer chemo or radiation rather than listen to what the positive research results are of these scientists and testimonies of cured cancer patients?

Because this has been taught to us.

We have been taught to put the choice for our health in the hands of the doctor, because he / she has learned for it, but the origin of all this knowledge comes from nature.

All active substances in pills have their origin in nature.

A pill is often nothing more than an imitation of a substance from nature.

What would the body best respond to, on a chemical substance, or a natural substance made by nature?

Cannabis has been known for centuries that it fights many diseases, doctors at that time did not go without cannabis tinctures and ointments, until this plant was banned and the substances of this and other plants after were made by the great pharmacists who spend a lot of money here to deserve. That’s how it was then and now.

People die because of the treatment they get against a certain disease, instead of being cured. People who have cancer have maintained many families, the pharmaceutical industry, employees in hospitals, many employees around hospitals, such as people who manufacture equipment and make uniforms, and many others.

People who have cancer and heal in a different way do not bring in much money.

Could it be that therefore many cancer patients do not know that there are other treatments that give them a chance to become healthy again without all those terrible side effects and that many times less whole families have to maintain?

Of course there are many other treatments that also pretend to give a positive result in cancer, but cannabis oil is the most testimony of people who say they are cured of cancer. You can also find many research results about this that have been written by many researchers.

Do you have a loved one or do you have cancer and need Rick Simpson oil to cure skin cancer yourself?

Cannabis oil can increase your chances of recovery many times.

So share this article as much as possible and that you can buy hemp oil in Scotland and give them a chance of curing themselves.

In many articles on the internet hemp oil to treat skin cancer is effective and if you read up on the success stories to see of others successes so that you too can make an informed choice for the benefit of your health!

Using Hemp Oil To Cure Skin Cancer
Article Name
Using Hemp Oil To Cure Skin Cancer
More and more patients are using Hemp Oil To Cure Skin Cancer. Ultimately, the aim is to use a gram of pure cannabis oil applying it externally on the infected area and ingesting a gram a day for 60 consecutive days.
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Cannabis oil for cancer
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