Benefits of hemp oil


For most people it will take about 60 grams of cannabis oil to kill most cancers. For the average person it will take about 90 days to ingest the full 60 gram treatment of cannabis oil. People should start by orally ingesting two to three doses of cannabis oil per day. For the first week each dose should be the size of a half grain of white rice. After the oil has been taken for a week, start to double the dose. The dose should be doubled every four days until 1 gram per day is ingested. Most people to get to the point where they can ingest 1 gram per day in about 85-95 days. Once ingesting one gram of oil per day is achieved, dosage should continue at that rate until the cancer is gone. We send to all countries including the following: USA, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Taiwan, China, UAE.

Hemp oil in a syringe 98% pure

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