THC & CBD cannabis oil for cancer

THC & CBD May Fight Skin Cancer

THC & CBD May Fight Skin Cancer

THC & CBD Oil to Cure Cancer

THC & CBD cannabis oil is a highly effective natural curing cancer remedy. And in fact numerous people on the Internet confirm that they have successfully fought their cancer successfully with the help THC & CBD Oil to cure cancer made from the all famous forbidden plants.

THC & CBD cannabis oil for cancer

In the media cannabis is demonized and badly talked about however it’s not about the THC rush in this regard. The pharmaceutical industry has no interest in cannabis as an alternative as supposed to extremely expensive cancer treatment methods such as radiation, many natural healers and freelances are becoming aware of this.

While many people have had very positive experiences with hash oil, scientific studies often come to different conclusions. For example, the cannabinoids of pure THC and CBD for cancer specifically contained in the hemp plant were tested on a brain tumor also called glioma, which only 23 percent of the patients survived.

THC & CBD Oil may cure cancer

Studies with mice have also shown that cannabinoids reduce the growth and spread of tumors. Incidentally, smoking is the least effective method for cancer treatment. It is better to evaporate the extracted buds and best to be used as oil.

THC attacks cancer cells while proved that THC & CBD Oil to Cure Cancer can successfully fight many different cancers. Further studies have shown that cannabis successfully inhibits cell growth inhibition, cell death, and works for metastases.

A research team of French, Italian and Spanish scientists carried out an investigation in 2008 and published it in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, which found that the drug in marijuana (tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) is highly effective as a brain tumor remedy in this case THC cannabis oil for brain tumour.

So-called cannabinoids effectively kill cancer cells while having no effect on healthy, normal cells. And also together with another highly concentrated add mend is the use of bitter apricot kernels.

A 63-year-old Ronnie Smith says he treated more than 300 people with cancer (including themselves) with cannabis oil. He produced his own oil after obtaining approval from the State of California.

THC cannabis oil to cure breast cancer

Unlike cancer, there have not been many studies on the efficacy of THC & CBD Oil to cure Cancer in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. The first report on the use of cannabis to treat Crohn’s disease was published in 2011 and stated:

“The results show that cannabis can have a positive effect on the condition, potential placebo-controlled trials are needed to fully evaluate the efficacy and side effects of cannabis in Crohn’s disease.

Cannabis oil for chronic depression

Coconut + cannabis oil to cure breast cancer, there are medical marijuana capsules marketed in the US that can be dissolved in coconut oil and absorbed with great efficiency this way. By infusing cannabis into coconut oil, it quickly gets into the liver, where it is processed immediately.

THC & CBD May Fight Skin Cancer
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THC & CBD May Fight Skin Cancer
Cannabis oil made from sativa-dominant weed species is for example very suitable for use against depression symptoms and ADHD.
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Cannabis oil for cancer
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