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Is this Rick Simpson oil ?

The answer you are looking if you are looking to buy Rick Simpson Oil for is YES

We make our oil the exact same method with only buds being crushed and soaked in a alcohol solution. The derivative substance we make being derived exactly from the Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil protocol recipe which we see in the Phoenix Tears documentary and his movie Run From The Cure which spreads the word on how to produce the beneficial agent that a lot of individuals are looking to buy Rick Simpson cannabis Oil online which is spreading like a running fire.

The best option is not always to purchase Rick Simpson cannabis Oil as he advises everyone to make their own oil however that can be potentially risky with the knowledge that the raw materials are not readily available to the majority of people looking to make the medical cannabis oil themselves.

If you would like to Buy Rick Simpson Oil online and want to know more about us and our products, for our solution, we use isopropal alcohol and or ethyl alcohol / ether and after the boiling process, all traces of carbon are extracted due to a small amount of distilled water that is added to the solution. We also let the solution soak for way longer than just 48 hours as has been illustrated on the Phoenix tears video and find our solution’s to be much stronger containing more THC. We use a total of 4 different cannabis strains namely the following :


Silver Haze Hemp Oil


Blue Cheese Indica,

Big Buddha,

OG Kush

In order to Buy Rick Simpson Hemp Oil you would need to look into what the product is looking to be used for and if it is for any form of cancer, the last three are family of the Indica plant and of the cannabis stain would be sufficient. Cannabis oil for cancer, we only make use of the buds from the plant to make our cannabis oil, no leaves or parts of the stem are used. We produce only pure grade hemp oil and after touching the plants we harvest, the THC odor remains on one’s fingers for hours with the OG Kush plant buds almost coming out in a crystallized dark green color.

Where to buy Rick Simpson cannabis hemp oil with THC is also known as a substance directly derived from cannabis where most people indirectly get stoned from smoking and or ingesting the flowers of the plant. The psychoactive action has both pros and cons. Thus the Tetrahydrocannabinol is extremely effective against stress problems. But some people just tend to go back to paranoid thoughts each time.

Each patient has his own wishes and preferences. Therefore, the right mix for everyone can be different. Unfortunately, the offer on the US market is not very diverse with regard to Rick Simpson THC hemp oil. People who want a particular mixture for a particular disorder will have to source it themselves.

Rick Simpson THC hemp oil

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