OG Kush Indica Hemp Oil – 10mg

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A natural calm and relaxing OG Kush Indica Hemp Oil. Ideal for relaxation, stress relief, and inducing deep sleep. Rich with the “entourage effect” of natural whole plant extracts. Taking a slower onset of 45 minutes to 1 hour to come into full effect.

THC Indica Cannabis Oil


Relaxation and calming

Body pain relief

Reduced nausea caused by chemo therapy

Aids with sleeping and insomnia

Migraine and head ache relief

Helps minimize depression

Rejuvenates degenerated cells and helps with cardiovascular disease,

Cures skin cancer

Helps diabetes patients

Helps for arthritis pain disorders

Muscle relaxant for multiple sclerosis on spastic muscles

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Best Hemp Oil in European Countries best OG Kush Indica Hemp Oil. OG Kush Indica Hemp Oil (Indica) in Organic THC oil. This Cannabis Oil Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (THC) contains Activated ultra-pure natural cannabinoids in THC oil rich with the “entourage effect” of natural whole plant extracts utilizing super critical extraction 10 mg of active ingredients or cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBC, CBG and terpenes), and are safe even for patients with suppressed immune systems.


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