THC Cannabis Oil


When a first time client is attempting to use our cannabis oil, we suggest one drop per serving of oil and if you feel you can handle one drop, upping the dosage to two drops would be preferable. We suggest the hemp oil to be taken in the evening before sleeping as it gives one a good night’s rest however if you are home bound and under recovery, taking the oil in both the morning and evening will certainly be more beneficial.

The ultimate goal here is building up a tolerance towards the THC and oil thus preventing side effects such as a lethargic tenancy and the rise of one’s appetite with the final aim of ingesting one (1) gram of cannabis oil per day.

When the boiling process is done, a fine amount of purified water is added to the solution extracting any traces of carbon with this advantageous process all alcohol will be evaporated from the oil.

Should you decide to order a full treatment of hemp oil (60mg) or just one bottle (10mg) we will provide you with a tracking number should you need to track the item during shipping. We always mark the parcel as low value so as to not turn any heads through customs and also include instructions for massage/essential oil.

Parcels are sent using registered air mail and sending time takes from 6 to 10 days to the UK and a little longer to the USA. Cannabis oil sent to Europe can take up to 12 days but the odd parcel sometimes goes through really quick & pops up in as little as 5 days.

If you are looking for prices of our products and to be sent to the UK – our premium cannabis oil will cost £119. All parcels sent irrespective of country have no additional shipping costs.

Please see our category and price list in this regard.

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