Cannabis Hemp Oil

High THC with higher CBD rate

Hemp oil and cannabis oil for sale, if you decide you would like to purchase one of our products, one drop per serving of the THC cannabis oil two times a day to begin with would be sufficient.

Higher THC levels in the oil is beneficial to some individuals especially those looking to use these stronger THC strains to achieve a more intense high, but more traditional and less potent marijuana oil can also be ingested in a manner that allows for large doses of THC to be absorbed into your system at once.

We suggest for the oil to preferably be used in the evening before sleeping as it gives a person a good night’s sleep. This is when cancer cells are killed off by the CBD or cannabidiol properties and thus results in the healing process starting to take place.

The intended resultant would ultimately to allow the body to build and create a tolerance towards the THC oil and in the long run be able to consume one gram of cannabis oil in the duration of a day. Side effects such as impaired coordination / lethargy and hunger may and will be experienced initially but these side effects will subside after using the oil for some time.

We send a (10mg) bottle with which we will provide you a tracking number should you need to track the item during shipping. If however you decide to order a full treatment of hemp oil (60mg) we can do this for you and would then split the parcels up with two bottles per parcel over a period of a week or so.

We always mark our parcels as low value so as to not attract any attention through customs and also herewith include some instructions for an essential oil.

We make use of a registered air mail service and sending time takes from 6 to 10 days to the United Kingdom and a little longer to the USA being between 10 to 12 days.

Our products and cannabis oil can certainly be sent to Europe if you require this and generally would take up to 12 days but here and there a parcel sometimes goes through really quick arriving in as little as 5 days.

If you are looking for prices of our products and to be sent to the United Kingdom, our cannabis oil will cost £119. All parcels sent have no additional shipping costs irrespective of the destination.

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