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Liquor stores across UK introduce CBD to sooth diminishing beer sales

Liquor stores across the UK and some US states introduce CBD to sooth diminishing beer sales

Hemp-derived cannabidiol is being used across the country to treat anxiety, pain, inflammation and skin disorders as well as taking a look to possibly buy THC hemp oil for cancer as this may also help for many similar symptoms. Now liquor stores are in the hope that CBD can assist in alleviating falling beer sales.

Inner London liquor chain “megastore” are currently feeling the heat from nearby grocery stores that can now sell full-strength beer in Colorado, according to store manager Rick Morgan, so he and fellow executives starting brainstorming.

“We were trying to explore new options for the store. With the loss of beer sales to grocery stores, we wanted to see what else we could do that other places weren’t,” he explains. “We’re still experimenting right now, but it seems to be one of the next up-and-coming things.”

From the beginning of April 2019, the two Total Beverage stores have now introduced CBD products, which stock vaporizers, gummies, popcorn, drinks and even pet treats infused with the cannabinoid. Some of the drinks can be used as a mixer for cocktails, like the alcoholic bitters or CBD-infused sodas, while the relaxation shots 5 Hour Energy looking drinks with vitamins and 15 to 20 milligrams of CBD could be used for a hangover the day after.

Total Beverage isn’t the only booze-toting business to push CBD in an effort to lure more customers: We will now find inside the Nickel bar the Teatro hotel will now introduce and serve a list of cocktails garnished with CBD oil, and it will add it to other drinks upon request, while Argonaut Liquors also sells CBD bitters in the store’s mixer section.

Larger corporations want a piece of the action, too. Massive liquor giants such as Molson Coors & Constellation Brands have gone ahead and formed multi-billion-dollar partnerships with US and Canadian companies that manufacture cannabis-infused drinks, while Aurora brewery Dad’s & Dude’s Breweria and its CBD-infused beer recipe were purchased by a San Diego-based cannabis company in February.

Although CBD’s medical benefits can be oversold by product manufacturers, the compound has surged in popularity since industrial hemp was legalized late in 2018 — especially in Colorado and other states where recreational marijuana was already legal. Amendment 64 gave in-state hemp and CBD companies a head start at making all the infused goodies that Coloradans are free to buy today, while states such as New York and South Dakota still wrestle with hemp and CBD regulations.

Today even liquor distributors are dabbling in CBD-infused sparkling waters and magical hangover cures, and Morgan expects some to contact him now that the Total stores have their new sections.

“We’re trying to capture some of that audience of people who want to try CBD and some even looking to Buy THC hemp oil for cancer but don’t want to go to a dispensary, or don’t know where to find it,” he says. “I anticipate that we’ll hear more now that we have these up.”