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Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant.

Can a person legally buy cannabis oil online? Yes, cannabis oil is legally available due to laws changing with an extremely high THC content. As the demand for THC oil grows higher, we are happy to let you know what THC oil is and where it is legally available.

It is available right here on our website: in percentages between 30 – 90 percent. Studies show that 90% is the most effective percentage. Keep in mind that lower and lower percentages are cheaper, but are also more dilute. THC oil is used in most cases for medical reasons. At higher dosages, THC oil has a strong psychoactive effect and is therefore often needed just like that.

What is THC oil?

Cannabis oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. In order to achieve effective results, it would be advised to buy cannabis oil with THC made with a high THC content. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and is recovered by heating THCa (tetrahydrocannbinol acidic). By nature, this THC a comes from the cannabis sativa plant. Popularly this plant is also called simply cannabis or marijuana.

This plant contains 104 active substances and two of the best known substances CBD and THC, both of which have medicinal properties. The active ingredients are located in small resin glands on the leaves and buds of the plant, these are extracted in a laboratory from the plant material. The remaining extract is worth a 100% natural paste.

When looking to buy cannabis oil online people with various physical and mental complaints have given us a lot of positive feedback. The Rick Simpson hemp oil we manufacture has a positive effect especially on depression, chronic pain, nausea and rheumatism. It also reduces fatigue, nerve, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, migraine, psychosis, anxiety, asthma, autism / ADD / ADHD intensity and more. Medical marijuana is often prescribed to terminal cancer patients, or to children with severe epilepsy and people with chronic pain.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

The most well-known proponent of high quality THC oil is the Canadian activist Rick Simpson. He suffered from a serious form of skin cancer. His doctors had given him up after a few surgeries, so he decided to take the research into his own hands. He delved into the healing properties of cannabis oil with THC specifically in cancer patients.

Simpson developed an oily substance rich in THC from marijuana, and began treating himself and his sick skin himself. Using this new product, also often called (RSO), he was able to defeat his own skin cancer.

Difference in CBD oil and THC oil

CBD oil and THC oil are closely related but still differ in their effect. CBD oil is rich in cannabinoid cannabidiol. Industrial fiber hemp contains relatively much CBD and virtually no THC. In cannabism, which makes up most of cannabis oil for medical purposes, the composition is the other way around. It has already been proven that CBD can have anti-inflammatory, nerve-protective and muscle-relaxing effects. In conclusion, to buy cannabis oil online and used in conjunction with hemp tincture is highly effective due to both their medicinal properties.