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What is cannabis oil ?

Cannabis oil is directly derived from the cannabis plant, mainly the buds of the plant only and if it’s good and pure grade cannabis oil it will have been properly distilled for longer than 24 hours and followed by the boiling off process and securely manufactured. Are you asking yourself where to buy hemp oil UK ?

Buy Rick Simpson oil UK

Where to buy hemp oil UK

Then you have arrived at the correct place and will find pure grade cannabis oil here on our website and no doubt it’s the ultra-concentrated essence derived from the marijuana plant. This can cause your alarm bells to ring, but the high-inducing potential of this product is completely dependent on the intended use.

pure grade cannabis oil

At one end of the spectrum, some cannabis oil manufacturers even strengthen the tetrahydrocannabinol or what we refer to as (THC). It is this ingredient in marijuana that creates the characteristics of the much-stigmatized “high” feeling. Unfortunately when we ask ourselves where to buy hemp oil UK with the different varieties of oil strains we will find that the general public tend to be more attuned to recreational users which is unfortunate.

At the other end of the spectrum are the companies that produce cannabis oil for medical purposes. The majority of big companies would utilize the distillation process to lessen the high inducing incidence of pure cannabis oil with THC and increase the amount of cannabidiol which is perhaps the more health-promoting of the two active ingredients of marijuana. So, striving for a high CBD level and a low THC content will ensure that you get all the health benefits without the mind-expanding effects.

To buy cannabis oil online can also help to prevent the development of eye problems such as macular degeneration and glaucoma. Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that can lead to reduced vision and ultimately to blindness. It is caused by accumulation of fluid in the eye that then pressurizes the optic nerve, retina and lens.

Cannabis leaf and productIs cannabis oil is good for your heart?

Many people know that smoking marijuana unlike RSO or ” cannabis oil for medical purposes ” is a common treatment of pain. This is certainly true, but much of the pain relieving effects of marijuana actually come from the cannabinoids in the plant. These cannabinoids are concentrated to a much greater extent in medicinal cannabis oil to reduce pain, which means that it is a very effective way to use hemp oil to reduce pain.

Cannabis oil for medical purposes

medicinal cannabis oil to reduce pain

Not only the above mentioned benefits of hemp oil for reducing pain are present but antioxidants on the CBD side of medicinal cannabis oil to reduce pain will help to reduce the devastation of aging. These compounds inhibit the active oxidative damage caused by free radicals, which can otherwise lead to dark spots, reduced elasticity and wrinkles.

Which cannabis oil to use?

As a starting patient and hemp oil user, you will want to first delve into the world called ” cannabis oil for medical purposes “ or just “ CBD cannabis oil “ and do as much research as possible. You may decide to do so via Google to see which types of cannabis oil are out there. You may find yourself entering an online maze of names. Names like: Rick Simpson Oil, medicinal cannabis oil, CBD oil, hemp oil for reducing pain, RSO oil, hemp leaf oil, hemp seed oil plus hash and weed oil.

hemp oil for reducing pain

All these names various names do not make it any easier!

To keep things simple, there are two types of cannabis hemp oil :


CBD oil and THC oil

Cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) and tetrahydrocannabinol oil (THC oil).

The names mentioned above all fall either under CBD oil or under THC oil.

The active substance (CBD or THC) that you can benefit from is not easy to determine beforehand. There is only one way to find out.

Right, try it!

The effect of CBD / THC differs from person to person.

It is therefore very important to find out for yourself how they work for you and what they can do for you. Note: the following also applies to (domestic) animals.

Hemp oil for dogs is just as effective as that on humans.

Tip! Learn to use both types of oil together….

Start with CBD oil first. CBD oil is legal, so easy it’s to order CBD oil online and relatively cheap too!

order CBD oil online Let’s touch on the THC oil. Does CBD oil have the desired effect you are looking for? If not, then you can try THC oil. THC oil has a THC percentage higher than 0.2% and is therefore not (yet) legally available via the internet. So if you are looking where to buy hemp oil UK but have come to no avail, here with us at www.cannabisoilforcancer.com you will be able to buy THC oil online.

Then we get CBD oil!?

buy THC oil onlineWhat is CBD oil ?

Let us give you a definition of CBD oil right now!

CBD oil is a form of cannabis oil where CBD (cannabidiol) is the active substance.

An explanation on the definition of CBD cannabis oil

CBD cannabis oil consists of a mixture of vegetable oil and the cannabinoid termed CBD. The CBD is one of the working ingredients of the mixture. The vegetable oil is mainly intended to make an exact dosage possible. Taking CBD cannabis oil is usually done orally by dropping a few drops under the tongue. The patient can determine exactly how much CBD he or she takes by taking a few drops more or less. To buy CBD cannabis oil online including olive oil or hemp oil is a fabulous idea as any one of these is usually used as a thinner.

buy CBD cannabis oil onlineHow does CBD cannabis oil work?

The human body contains cannabinoid receptors that can connect to cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. In contrast to the traditionally known THC, CBD is in no way a psychoactive product. It is therefore also impossible to get high from CBD oil, while CBD oil helps to fight the symptoms of a number of diseases.

Let’s mention a few examples here:

  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatism

There are also indications that CBD oil can also inhibit and cure other diseases. However, more medical research is needed for this. CBD is a cannabinoid that has medical potential that’s only recently been discovered. However, thanks to positive patient stories that are arising, more and more funds are becoming available for scientific research.

How is CBD cannabis oil made ?

CBD cannabis oil is made from industrial hemp. We find that in industrial hemp, there is a relatively large amount of CBD. In addition, the THC content in industrial hemp is negligibly small. First of all, industrial hemp is made with a kind of oil with a very high concentration of CBD. This is then diluted with a vegetable oil so that very accurate dosing of CBD is possible. We here on our platform do indeed have CBD cannabis oil for sale !!!

CBD cannabis oil for sale

25 Health benefits of medicinal cannabis

1.     Medical cannabis oil with THC can relieve chronic pain, which can alleviate many disorders.

2.     It is even a safer alternative to (often harmful) opiate pain medication.

3.     Buy pure cannabis oil online will potentially help epilepsy patients get rid of their attacks.

4.     Cannabis can help prevent and cure cardiovascular diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.

5.     Fibromyalgia patients benefit more from cannabis against the pain and symptoms than regular drugs.

6.     Its also one of the few indications where to buy hemp oil UK with which you can get cannabis from the doctor.

7.    CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory and helps various diseases with inflammation as the cause.

8.     The ‘eatery kick’ that causes this even appears to be a survival mechanism.

9.     THC is a good sedative (especially in combination with the terpene myrcene) and helps people with insomnia

10.  Medicinal cannabis oil with THC can help with sleep problems by reducing daytime fatigue.

11.  Pure cannabis oil with THC can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and help treat mental illnesses.

12.  Medicinal cannabis hemp oil protects the liver from damage caused by alcohol abuse.

13.  High quality THC oil can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in lung cancer, prostate and breast cancer.

14.  Ointments and lotions with pure grade hemp oil can treat eczema and other skin problems such as psoriasis.

15.  People suffering from gastrointestinal complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome (PDS) can find relief in CBD.

16.  CBD cannabis oil for sale reduces anxiety and paranoia in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

17.  High grade cannabis hemp oil protects against kidney damage due to diabetes.

18.  In diabetes, pure cannabis oil with THC can also help by lowering blood sugar levels.

19.  THC from cannabis can combat various forms of the herpes virus.

25 Benefits of medical cannabis

20.  By stimulating feelings of hunger, cannabis helps patients who undergo chemotherapy or are poorly fed by, for example, Crohn’s disease.

21.  Pure grade hemp oil reduces muscle spasms and helps both Parkinson’s and MS patients, also against multiple sclerosis (MS) weed proven effective.

22.  Medicinal cannabis improves the quality of life of people with Parkinson’s and is proven effective against the disease.

23.  By activating the CB2 receptor with CBD, the production of sperm cells in men is stimulated. Cannabis thus helps to promote male fertility.

24.  THC cannabis oil for sale can counter nausea and vomiting. A known effect of the plant and therefore widely used by patients undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

25.  There is even a pharmaceutical pure grade cannabis oil drug known as Epidiolex. Although homemade cannabis oil is also effective.

pure grade cannabis oil

Hemp tincture

What is hemp tincture?

Hemp tincture is a form of CBD oil but this is derived from industrial hemp that has been absorbed for a while in alcohol. When the tincture is of a decent strength, the hemp is poured and pressed. What remains is a pure organic elixir with a high concentration of active ingredients. Hemp tincture is not only rich in CBDA and CBD, but also omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids, amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

What is hemp tincture made of ?

Hemp tincture of is made from specially cultivated hemp plants with a high content of cannabidiol acid (CBDA) and cannabidol (CBD), two substances known for their beneficial effects. Unlike the hemp that is used for making soft drugs, this hemp has no hallucinogenic effect. This makes hemp tincture completely legal to obtain and use unlike individuals looking to buy hemp oil with THC.

buy hemp oil with THC

What does hemp tincture consist of ?

Hemp tincture is known for its biological method and cultivated in a purely ecological way. The hemp flowers of which tincture is made are harvested by hand, then carefully dried and finely ground. The entire process from sowing to harvesting is closely monitored by health authorities.

Instructions on using hemp tincture

Hemp tincture is available with 5 or 10% of CBD. Given its low body weight, the 5% tincture is a sensible choice for children, animals such as hemp oil for dogs or severely weakened people. 5% CBD is also a good option for adults with mild health problems.

where to buy hemp oil UK.Because hemp tincture contains about 70% alcohol, it is very easy to take as a liquid. You can add a few drops to water, tea or juice and drink it. The tincture is very concentrated and will do its job quickly. You only need a few drops to feel the effect similar to those looking where to buy hemp oil UK.

The difference between Indica and Sativa

Scientifically speaking, no difference is present between the indica & the sativa strain. All cannabis plants are seen as Cannabis Sativa L, in practice however, there are many and varied differences between indica and sativa. These two terms are mainly used to cluster a number of categories so that a certain species can be placed in the ‘cannabis spectrum’.

A variety of different growth patterns, qualities and effects can be distinguished in this spectrum. The differences between indica and sativa stem from the great ability of cannabis to accommodate its environment. Because all species can be crossed in the cannabis family tree (including industrial hemp and Cannabis), there are botanists who suggest one should rather buy Rick Simpson oil Europe as here the majority of people who count all forms of the plant to a single polymorphic species are going to order pure grade cannabis oil.

order pure grade cannabis oilCannabis Indica L. Most indica species come from Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent – Afghanistan, Pakistan, North India, Tibet, Nepal, etc. Cannabis Sativa L. Sativa strains come mainly from areas around the equator – Thailand, South India, Jamaica, Mexico, etc. That’s why we suggest in this article if you want to buy rick Simpson oil online, we have just what you need!

External characteristics and the difference between indica and sativa

Indica’s are compact and broad, with thick, heavy and fragrant buds. These cannabis plants produce nodes along the stem at equal intervals, and these nodes are the places where leaves, branches and flowers (buds) form.

Under the same conditions, sativas become larger than indica’s. Sativa buds are usually also larger than those of indica because they grow with the stem.  Indica buds clustering around the nodes. However, sativa buds tend to weigh less than indica buds because they are not so compact. The tops of a sativa usually smell less intense, both during cultivation and during drying.

Difference between indica and sativa – Size

As soon as the flowering period begins, Indica’s increase rapidly, but in normal circumstances the increase in volume is proportional. From an indica one can expect that the vegetative height during the flowering phase increases by 50 to 100%.

buy pure THC cannabis oil onlineIn tropical environments, the days are usually relatively short; throughout the year for about 12 hours. So sativa’s are accustomed to grow and thrive at the same time, instead of the clear distinction between the growth and flowering stage that indica’s show.

In grow rooms with a 12/12 light cycle, sativas grow and flower exactly the same as in their natural environment. In order to buy pure THC cannabis oil online sativa oil is suggested as they increase in height as soon as the flowering phase begins and they continue to increase in height throughout the period. For a sativa it is common that the vegetative height during the flowering phase increases by 200 to 300%, or even more.

Rick Simpson oil

Who is Rick Simpson?

Where to Buy Rick Simpson oil Europe

Rick Simpson, the man behind the wonder drug is an engineer from Canada who had nothing to do with cannabis before. Due to various circumstances, he discovered the positive effect of cannabis oil for medical purposes.

It started in the year 1997, when Simpson got an accident during his work as an engineer. He fell from a ladder and landed hard on his head. He went to a doctor and Simpson said it felt like his head was going to explode, but the doctor saw no danger and he sent Simpson back home.

Rick Simpson

After a few days Simpson went back to work, he still felt sick and suddenly he heard a ringing in his ears. He went to the emergency room and they took his blood pressure and prescribed medication for him. However, the medication did not help, the tinnitus remained and he felt like a zombie.

Because Simpson had once seen a documentary about the healing effects of cannabis oil, he went more into this industry. He stopped the medication and started making his own high grade cannabis hemp oil. After several months, his tinnitus was reduced to a tolerable level. The blood pressure was now normal too. For Rick Simpson, this was evidence that high grade cannabis hemp oil has a healing effect.

Big budded healthy cannabis plant

The difference between cannabis oil and hemp oil

What names are there for oils from the hemp plant?

  • Hemp oil
  • CBD oil
  • Cannabis oil
  • THC oil
  • THC Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil = THC Oil

So we have someone looking to buy Rick Simpson oil Europe and amazingly enough all five names which describe the same product is available right here on our platform. In the vernacular, various names have been created for the high grade THC oil. If you say cannabis oil, hemp oil or THC oil, the same is usually meant and just that. This high grade quality THC oil is made from weed with a high concentration of THC. In order to buy pure THC cannabis oil online the goal is often to cure one’s self from cancer, although many seek to buy hash oil just to become high and at the same time, the medicinal effect is becoming increasingly important in medicinal use.

Apparent difference between cannabis oil and hemp oil

On the internet all kinds of terms and symptoms are mentioned that mainly cause confusion. It gets so bad that you, as a customer, no longer see the forest through the trees. Let’s try to help to inform you in this article as completely and clearly as possible about the apparent difference between cannabis oil and hemp oil.

Cannabinoids are the basis of cannabis oil

CBD (Cannabidiol) and not forgetting THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are very well known cannabinoids that have received a lot of attention lately as a medical application. But it is estimated that more than 80 cannabinoids are present in hemp and weed plants.

THC hemp oil for medicinal use

When we are looking into THC hemp oil for medicinal use, the internet is full of claims about the medicinal effects of cannabis and what will happen when you buy hash oil. Less known is the medicinal effects of THC and the strength that THC gives to CBD (and vice versa). That brings us to the following: Let’s touch on hemp oil!

List of benefits of cannabis oil for medical purposes

Medicinal marijuana, or abbreviated hemp oil, occupies an increasingly important place in our lives through both the positive results of scientific research and personal experiences. More and more countries are relaxing their laws and allowing the use of medicinal cannabis oil, whether or not on a doctor’s prescription.

Although the press and the media are always on top of it when they see a possibility to push this agenda further into the negative atmosphere, it remains suspiciously silent about the medicinal properties and thus extremely useful effects are present in that of the cannabis plant. That is, of course, a shame, because if the claim proves to be true that if you buy hash oil it could be potentially save one’s life and hopeful the fact for many.

So, if you still have prejudices about cannabis / hemp, please throw them overboard right away because these are probably conditioned ideas that stem from the negative message about this in the media. Hemp has indeed been given an unfairly negative image because many industries felt threatened by the enormous number of uses of this amazing crop, making it seen as an invincible competitor. It concerns applications in the construction industry, the automotive industry, packaging, clothing, paper, plastic, fuel and, last but not least, medicine.

Various herb text cannabis words

To buy hemp oil online is less easy. Websites, forums and Facebook pages are full of them: positive reviews, results and reviews about where to buy THC cannabis oil. Once the choice is made to try and buy THC cannabis oil online, a round of googling teaches us that in order to purchase THC cannabis oil online this won’t necessarily be easy or at a fair price.

But why?

And is there an alternative? Where to buy hemp oil UK (with a content of more than 0.2% THC – is illegal)

In the Netherlands as well as in Belgium one can unfortunately not legally buy pure cannabis oil online. When the government continues to enforce the prohibition, in our view it is on an ethically inclined level. If a patient has / can benefit from the THC cannabis oil, he / she can make the THC cannabis oil himself.

Pure cannabis oil with THC

Whether one can ever buy pure cannabis oil with THC in the store is doubtful. As long as weed oil with a meager THC percentage of only 0.2% is unfortunately considered legal to be in accordance with the opium act – and therefore on the list II of the Opium Act – to buy hemp oil with THC will remain difficult.

Buy cannabis oil Europe

In America, cannabis oil with different THC percentages can already be bought at many pharmacies. In certain cases, an exemption is possible for medical use. On the basis of an exception in the Opium Act, pharmacies allowing the individual to buy cannabis oil Europe have been allowed to provide medical cannabis since 2003. In practice, coffee shops are tolerated in certain cases, but this is not mentioned in the Opium Act.

CBD oil in spoon

The possession, trade and production of medicinal cannabis oil (with a content of more than 0.2% THC is therefore punishable if one is not one of the exceptional cases. The Opium Act does not penalize the use of medicinal cannabis oil with THC. Necessity knows no law.

Where to buy hemp oil UK

The Canadian man Simpson claims to have cured hundreds of people of cancer and all kinds of other diseases with high quality cannabis oil UK. On the internet we find the film Run from the Cure. Because commercial cannabis mainly contains THC and only a small amount of CBD, it was Rick’s advice to take 60 grams in 90 days against cancer. He claims: For years I have helped cancer patients with high quality cannabis oil UK that they had seen in ‘Run from the Cure’ and they wanted exactly that. But I have noticed that in all those years only a few people could actually take the high dose of almost one gram per day.

Self-taught dosing

Pure cannabis oil with THC cannot simply be given to weak vulnerable patients and children, which is why I look for it in dilutions. Also my experience is that patients are afraid of taking too little oil for fear of becoming high. Dilute gives patients more control. The goal of us at www.cannabisoilforcancer.com is to get patients out of their passive victim role and self-dosing fits very well.

Both that of THC and CBD and those looking to buy Rick Simpson oil UK have sufficiently proven that they can be used in cancer control.

Cannabis Sativa leaf with life improving facts

If you have decided to Buy Rick Simpson oil UK, start calmly with a drop three times a day and after a few days increase to two drops three times a day. The first thing you will notice is that you will sleep better. Then try to take one more drop each day. If you are high or slow, then take it easy, lie in bed and watch TV or sleep. After 3 hours it is largely over and after 5 hours you will not notice anything. Do not panic, no one has ever died of cannabis in 10,000 years, so that will not happen to you either! Let it calmly come over you and the ride is just out. Take a drop less the next time and after a few days try to increase the dose with a drop, keep trying. In this way, you get higher up to 15-20 drops a day with small steps, without getting high.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) refers to extremely potent decarboxylated extracts produced from strong sedative Indica strains, which have THC levels in the 90% range. This harmless non addictive natural medication can be used with great success, to cure or control cancer, MS, pain, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, infections, inflammations, blood pressure, depression, sleeping problems and just about any other medical issues that one can imagine.

Rick Simpson Cannabis oil – CBD and THC

Since it is known that with Rick Simpson cannabis oil one can defeat a variety of cancers, of course, many cancer patients look for this miracle drug and want to know how much is rick Simpson oil before they attempt to buy it. It’s known that it is illegal in Germany to own cannabis or cannabis oil. After all, this is about a persons life and every cancer patient should have access to the medicine that does him good or even can cure him. Unfortunately, Rick Simpson oil Amsterdam is simply not easy to obtain.

You can find groups on Facebook, (and also info pages) that can make it easier for someone to get to the miracle cure, but that too is very dangerous for group members. Colloquially one call gets you the goods in Germany and you can deal with people which procure you cannabis products for you just a call to a dealer is needed. You can however get into really big trouble with the law, up to high prison sentences are passed. If you want to know where to buy Rick Simpson oil, you should attempt to start making it for yourself, perhaps with guide lines from the official Rick Simpson website: http://phoenixtears.ca

Rick Simpson oil Amsterdam is available over a German Google search engine, you can forget to find any reference addresses. But in the US, that’s different and everyone can access US-American websites from Germany. If you are based in California and looking to purchase Rick Simpson oil California, there is a shop in California where you can order cannabis oil. The guy calls himself “Amsterdam Gardens”.

Whether they send the Rick Simpson cannabis oil to Germany or to Europe, you could just order that by phone. If not, buy rick Simpson oil Colorado is an option as everyone in need should go on a trip to the US to do cannabis oil therapy on the spot if finances allow it. But certainly, cannabis oil can also be found in the cannabis-friendly neighboring country of Holland.

It is possible to make Rick Simpson cannabis oil yourself? Of course you can. It takes a lot of raw material (cannabis) to make the necessary amount of cannabis oil and you also need equipment, which is not all that cheap. Finding out about Rick Simpson oil how to make yourself on:  http://phoenixtears.ca/natures-answer-for-cancer/

Rick Simpson Hash oil

One day, the name ‘Rick Simpson’ will be known by everyone. Nobody will be looking to buy Rick Simpson Oil. Why? According to the sources, the man has rediscovered the cure for cancer. However, the Western approach to ‘treating’ the problem improved its condition only slightly.

Close to despair, Rick decided to take a drastic measure – at least from the perspective of the mainstream. Rick recalled that the University of Virginia had discovered thirty years earlier that cannabinoids in THC cannabis now called Rick Simpson Hash oil were killing cancer cells in mice. He thought, “If it works on mice, why not on me?” So he started applying cannabis oil to his skin.

If the oil did not help within four days, he would stop the treatment. Amazingly, his cancer disappeared in that short time. At that moment, Simpson realized that he had made an important discovery.

Hash oil in syringe

Simpson’s treatment success inspired others to administer Rick Simpson Hash oil as an alternative treatment for cancer. With what result? The therapy has proven to be extremely successful in a large number of ailments.

Even the U.S. National Cancer Institute has recently admitted that marijuana kills cancer cells.

In recent years, the plant was therefore increasingly perceived in public as a remedy.

Cannabis oil for skin cancer

Melanomas are the most common form of cancer. A melanoma is a form of skin cancer that represents less than 1% of all cases of skin cancer, but is the most severe form of skin cancer, which causes the most deaths. This year alone, an estimated 80,000 new cases of invasive melanoma will be diagnosed in the United States. With a shortage of new treatments, scientists are starting to wonder if cannabis oil for skin cancer can offer the answer.

How Melanoma’s develop?

UV rays can cause the DNA to mutate into cells, leading to the growth of cancer cells. Most types of melanoma appear in skin areas that have been exposed to UV radiation, but there are also cases where it appears in other, unexposed parts of the body. When cells in the skin begin to mutate, they become dark and form strange spots on the skin. If left untreated, the cancer can spread to other parts of the body. Cannabis oil for skin cancer is a great idea in this case!

Cannabis oil for skin cancer

Treatment of skin cancer with cannabinoids

The suggestion that cannabinoids or CBD cannabis oil for skin cancer, the main compounds in marijuana, may have cancer-fighting properties is not a recent one. Although much research remains to be done, especially when it comes to human cancers, the evidence for the effectiveness of cannabinoids is increasing.

Last year, the Journal of Investigative Dermatology published a study in which they treated melanoma in mice with THC and CBD oil for skin cancer. The international group of researchers from the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain found how the compounds lead to the death of cancer cells by two natural processes called autophagy and apoptosis.

For the study, the team of researchers took THC oil for skin cancer and CBD with an equal ratio on mice with melanoma – a ratio similar to the drug Sativex that is currently undergoing trials as pain treatment for cancer patients.

Cannabis oil for skin cancer

Although this is a recent study on the effects of cannabinoids on melanoma, research in this promising area has been going on for much longer. The researchers already identified cannabinoids in 2006 as being potential to treat melanoma. At the time, they found CB1 and CB2 receptor cells in melanoma cells. These receptors are also the binding sites for THC in the human body. By activating these receptors, the team was able to slow the growth of malignant melanoma cells. In addition, the treatment process initiated the cell suicide of cancer tissue curing the cells with cannabis oil for skin cancer.

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